Water Is Essential to Your Health

Glass of WaterDrinking water helps your body burn fat. Your kidneys require large amounts of water to filter toxins. When water is not supplied, the liver has to help out with the job of filtration. The liver’s job is to burn and process fat. If your liver is busy doing the filtration job of the kidneys, your fat-burning furnace is shut down.

When you drink all of the water that you need, you will notice a decrease in your appetite. If you’re serious about becoming fit and healthy, drinking enough water is a must. If you are doing everything right, including eating and exercising right, and still can’t see results or get rid of your belly paunch, this might be what’s missing; you’re probably not drinking enough water.

The average person should drink eight 8-ounce glasses (two quarts) of water each day. If you are overweight, you should drink another eight ounces for every twenty-five pounds you are overweight.

You can also drink “Cran Water“. This mixture eliminates water retention, cleanses accumulated wastes from the lymphatic system (your body’s waste dump), and also helps to clean up cellulite.

Image Credit: Derek Jensen (Tysto)