P90X RESULTS – Transformation 136lbs Lost in 12 Months

Kathy McDonald lost 136 lbs in 12 months!

Kathy after 120 lb lossGreat video (see below)! Short and to the point (2 minutes, 43 seconds).

(Someone commented on her video that 136 lbs in 12 months seemed like a really long time.) Really!? You shouldn’t lose more than 1-2 lbs per week.

Her reply to the comment:

Wasn’t really long at all 🙂 It was a healthy and safe amount per month averaging 10 lbs per month with a few extra here and there. Proper weight loss with cardio, strength training and good nutrition needs to be consistent and slow. Rapid weight loss is dangerous and with anyone who needs to lose a lot..your skin will not bounce back like it would with steady losses.